Amanda Fornal

CEO / Founder

Amanda has 20+ years of experience as a technology professional and business consultant. She has extensive experience leading initiatives that strengthen and optimize processes, expand revenue-generating capabilities, and maximize cost savings for companies across industries. Outside of her corporate career, she is an explorer, photographer, diver, and documentary film maker. Amanda is a Fellow of The Explorers Club whose travels include over 100 countries/territories and all continents with the goal of growing and sharing her knowledge of the world through photos and films.

Justin Fornal

Expedition Strategist / Writer

Justin Fornal is an international explorer, filmmaker, and writer who is an expert at organizing expeditions in difficult locations. In June of 2018 he was listed as the '#3 most adventurous person in the world right now' by Men's Journal. Fornal is the host and chief researcher for UNEXPLAINED AND UNEXPLORED, an exploration series that solves mysteries using both ancient maps and cutting edge technology. The program airs on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel. He is a SATWF Lowell Thomas Award winning writer who has written extensively for National Geographic, VICE, The Explorers Journal, Parts Unknown, and Roads & Kingdoms.

Nupur Garg, MD

Hospital Systems Engineer / Physician

Nupur is an MIT, Yale, and Mount Sinai-educated Emergency Medicine attending physician and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Yale School of Medicine. She studied analytical systems dynamics and operational optimization at MIT. She has consulted with many hospitals across the nation to re-design and optimize patient flow along the entire spectrum of acute and post-acute care and create road-maps for provider skills training. She assists hospitals in revamping practices and policies that aid in better meeting patients’ needs while meeting metrics and financial goals.

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